170 – Jane Curnow – Age is no barrier to your dreams!

  • October 09, 2018
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170 – Jane Curnow - Age is no barrier to your dreams!

Mindset & Lifestyle Coach, Fitness Model @ 52 years young, Author, Blogger.

Jane suffered debilitating depression for 25 years including 2 attempts on her life, 3 hospitalizations, serious psychiatric drugs & in and out of therapy since the age of 16.  In her mid-40's she discovers bodybuilding, debuts as a fitness model at the age of 46 and over the course of the following 4 years inadvertently cures herself from her lifelong misery.  She celebrates her 50th birthday on stage and declares herself fully recovered! She is now a mindset & lifestyle coach empowering woman through health & a change in habits & self-awareness.  She is driven by her relentless desire to support, motivate & support as many women as possible to stop the suffering that too many endure.

I was introduced to Jane through Business Chick’s Facebook page.  Jane had a post asking for recommendations on business coaches that has taken your business to the next level, and I was one of the recommendations… Thank you Aimee Engleman for the kind words.   After looking at her website and reading her story, I immediately said to her, “Jane you have such an amazing story, I would be delighted if I could share it on my podcast”.   So here we are.  Jane at age 52 is beautiful inside and out, she now has purpose, she is passionate, and dammed determined to help others find their passion.

Speaking of Business Chicks I shared two great programs that support women in business on episode 167.  Why?  Because business can be lonely – no matter how strong your team, how deep your knowledge or how much experience you have, it’s natural to feel isolated and alone. Are you making the right decisions? Could you be doing things differently? Or better? Do others know shortcuts that you haven’t yet learned?  If you are busy female entrepreneur with at least one or more staff member and are looking platform for entrepreneurs to come together, learn from each other, and give back to each other to get real results. Check out Business Chicks Elevate and  PowerPlayers programs.  We have links on our show notes page to get more information or you can head back and listen to all the details at the beginning of Episode 167 Top 10 Rules for Success.

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In this Episode you’ll discover:

  • Jane shares how she recovered from 25 years of depression, what techniques worked for her
  • She shares the importance of mindset, meditation, affirmation, journaling & body building
  • Get a copy of her FREE eBook called How I created the lifestyle that gave me the body of my dreams at 50!
  • Jane explains her biggest risk was she tried to take her own life twice.
  • This time next year she will be focused on helping more women find their passion and remove self-limiting beliefs
  • Jane shares intimate details of her experience admitting herself into a depression facility without be able to leave unless she had parental consent at age 38. Full details on her blog called My Darkest Hour
  • Listen to her share the story of being addicted to staying skinny and ignoring her Physio best advice.

Here’s the full interview enjoy!

Resources and Links Mentioned in this Session Include:


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QUOTE “Age is no barrier to your dreams!”

Contact Details: http://janecurnow.com/contact/

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