167 – Top 10 Rules for success from Sheryl Sandberg

  • September 18, 2018
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167 – Top 10 Rules for Success from Sheryl Sandberg

Today we will focus on Sheryl Sandberg’s top 10 rules for you to be successful.  However, before we jump into those rules I wanted to quickly say two things.  Firstly, thank you for listening to this podcast!.  The first word that comes to me is gratitude.  I am grateful for everyone who is listening, and I’m grateful for  all  the amazing  awesome  guests.    I have learned so much from everyone sharing their lessons learned, tips and stories.  They have been such an inspiration to me, I hope you feel the same way.  So thank  you  to  all  the  guests  who  have  shared their  wisdom.      We  are  always  looking  for  business  owner’s…. entrepreneurs who are  interested  in  being  a  guest  on  Inspiring  Greatness!  So that  is  you  or  if  know  of  someone  who  would  be  fabulous please  reach  out  or  send  us  a  quick  email  to Shelley@maxumcorp.com.au

Secondly, I recently conducted a Facebook survey and asked a women’s group if they preferred to participate in a business networking mastermind program with a mixture of men and women OR just women.  The results were kind of shocking as the majority of  responses were women business networking.

That has encouraged me to quickly talk to the women on this podcast who are listening about a great program to support women-based businesses.  Because sometimes business can be lonely – no matter how strong your team, how deep your knowledge or how much experience you have, it’s natural to feel isolated and alone. Are you making the right decisions? Could you be doing things differently? Or better? Do others know shortcuts that you haven’t yet learned?

An organization called Business Chicks here in Australia founded by Emma Isaacs has two amazing programs to support women business owners.



What is Elevate and who is it for…

Both programs are 3-4hr meeting per month for 10 months.

PowerPlayers Elevate is a platform for entrepreneurs to come together, learn from each other, and give back to each other – you’ll get raw, honest and vulnerable – it’s like your very own circle of trust. Everything is highly confidential and each monthly, peer-to-peer mastermind session is facilitated by a leadership executive with decades of experience. is. The program is exclusively for founders and owners who have a significant share in their businesses and a minimum of one employee.

Power Players The PowerPlayers program is a peer-to-peer facilitated program designed for busy entrepreneurs who want real results. You work directly with your peers on your business, not in it, during a monthly session. Each session is expertly facilitated by an external consultant with decades of leadership experience and is designed for you to get perspective on your business challenges, and find perspective to propel you forward. All members go through a strict application process to ensure they’re a fit to the PowerPlayers culture, and are then assigned a group. Our philosophy is that no one is more important than another, no one is busier, and there are lessons to be learned from everybody, no matter their experience and business size. We place emphasis on the giving of your expertise as much as receiving it.

If you’re ready to lift your business game, increase your knowledge and play among the best, then PowerPlayers is for you. This program is exclusively for founders and owners who have a significant share in their business and a minimum of two full time employees.

It is a fabulous program!  BUSINESS CHICKS APPLICATION

Ok so that’s a wrap on Business Chicks programs.

Let’s dive into today’s episode and listen to one of the most powerful/influential women.  Evan Carmichael has created a video of Sherly Sandberg top 10 rules for success.

itunes-book-buttoniTunes link CLICK HERE  

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Top 10 Lessons:

Lesson 1- Have Impact

Lesson 2 – Think Big

Lesson 3 – Go for Growth

Lesson 4 – Communicate Authentically

Lesson 5 – Hire Big

Lesson 6 – Don’t just talk, Really Listen

Lesson 7 – Take Responsibility

Lesson 8 – Measure Results not Face Time

Lesson 9 – Find Something you Really Believe In

Lesson 10 – Careers are not Ladders, but Jungle Gyms

So that’s a wrap I hope you enjoyed Sheryl Sandburg’s top 10 rules for success. Which one is your favourite if you had to choose? Reach out to me if you want to hear more on Business Chicks programs to support women in business.  Lastly, if you are struggling as a leader perhaps looking for a mentor to help guide you and your business so you can execute your strategy with precision.  Have a listen to episode 18 – 5 reasons why you need a coach/mentor.   Also included on our show notes is a link to Gazelles one page strategic plan worksheet.

I am personally offering a 30 minute free coaching session to provide some professional tips.


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