178 – Jeffrey Davidson – How to Take Teams From MEH to High Performing

  • December 12, 2018
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178 - Jeffrey Davidson on How to take teams from MEH to High Performing

WELCOME TO EPISODE  178 where Jeffrey Davidson talks with me about How to take teams from MEH to High Performing

Jeffrey has been exploring the boundaries of world-class teams for over 20 years, As a recognized expert in strengthening leaders and building teams he has worked with thousands of employees and consulted with multiple Fortune 100 companies.  His goal is simple he wants you to be outstanding   and he wants your team to be even better.

In this Episode you’ll discover:

  • How Jeffery builds professional teams taking them from Meh to High Performance
  • Jeffrey shares his 5 steps to building awesome teams
  • The two most important questions you can ask your employees
  • Jeffery share 3 awesome free resources
    • Getting Stuff Done canvas
    • Defining Your Team’s Meaning Statement
    • Build upon and refocus

In this interview we give you the inside scoop from direct experience so you can avoid the obvious potholes we stepped into.  I’ve coached many of my clients through the process of scaling their businesses for growth and how to avoid common mistakes that I went through it myself.

Book One

In this book one of America's most distinguished psychologists describes his experiences in helping people to discover the path to personal growth through an understanding of their own limitations and potential.

  • What is personal growth?
  • Under what conditions is it possible?
  • How can one person help another?
  • What is creativity, and how can it be fostered?

These are some of the issues raised, which challenge many concepts of traditional psychology.

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