• July 03, 2015
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Steve Jobs had Bill Campbell, Michael Jordan had Dean Smith and Tony Robins, well, Tony has coached millions of people. It’s a fact that high performers (in any field) typically have a Coach or Mentor. A great Coach provides you with the benefit of their own experience and asks more questions than they answer. They force you to think about your business in ways that you wouldn’t be able to do on your own. However, most people don’t have a Coach. They resist it. They think that they can“do it on their own” and often aren’t willing to invest in themselves.
I can say in my early days of business that I too had that “I can do it on my own attitude”, but when I experienced some difficulties, having a Mentor was instrumental in my entrepreneurial journey and my life success in multiple ways. However, you need to choose the right person for you.

Below I highlight top 5 reasons why you need a Coach and how you pick the best Coach for you.

1. Clarity and Goal Setting: An effective Business Coach will ask the right questions to get you thinking more clearly. You need to find a coach or mentor who can assist you with strategic planning, developing short and long term goals, then set meaningful KPI’s and targets that can be monitored.

2. Systems and Accountability: Having a plan in place is one thing, but having the ability to effectively execute your plan is another. A great Business Coach will ensure you follow through with your actions and hold you accountable, which achieves impactful results. It’s important to ask a coach what impact/results they have achieved for other companies they have worked with?

Systems and Accountability

3. Challenging: A great Mentor or Coach will listen, stimulate ideas, create opportunities encourage you to question and inspire you towards personal and professional greatness.

4. Experience and Network: Everyone has great ideas, but you need to have access to experienced individuals with different areas of expertise. They can advise and assist you in turning your ideas into reality. You are never going to survive on a global scale, adapt to change or build a sustainable business if you try to do everything yourself. A Mentor can help surround you with a network of people who believe in you and your business and are willing to be part of your journey.

5. Inspiration and Motivation: A great Business Coach or Coaching program should ignite the passion inside you to unleash new opportunities, take your career and/or business to the next level and inspire you to want to learn more and improve yourself. Without motivation and a positive mindset, you will continue on the same path or journey of mediocrity. You need to find a Coaching program that suits you and keeps you motivated to personal and professional greatness.

Inspiration and Motivation

Personally, I have made some lifelong friends who keep me accountable, challenge my thoughts, keep me motivated and have also become great advocates for our businesses. The most successful Mentors I have had were based around achieving the 4 C’s .

COMPETENCY – They must have business organization experience and are credible in your eyes.

CONTENT – They must have developed relevant content, are they experts that get you results?

CASH – They must get you return on investment and make financial sense.

CORE VALUES – Are their core values similar with yours, do you have chemistry with them?

Core Values

Last question is for you as the owner or CEO. Are you committed to working with a Mentor or Coach for an extended period of time?

The benefit is, as your relationship develops, the value you and your company will receive compounds month after month, year after year.

Don’t wait find a Mentor or Coach. Make today the day you achieve greatness!

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