001 – Find your purpose – with Warren Rustand

After listening to Warren's message about living with purpose, I made a commitment to provide a positive impact and inspire personal greatness around the globe. That day was the beginning of my journey for this podcast inspiring greatness. The common thread that permeates Warren's Rustand's experience is one of vision, strategy, executive leadership, and achievement. […]

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000 Inspiring Greatness – Shelley Rogers Story

Welcome to Inspiring Greatness where we interview incredible Entrepreneurs with inspiring stories.  Regardless of whether you are an experienced Entrepreneur or thinking of starting a business, everyone loves to hear about what an entrepreneur endures and how they have overcome numerous obstacles to achieve their own success. This podcast series will share their stories to […]

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Discovering my personal purpose – Inspiring Greatness

In 2010 I competed in my first triathlon.  I trained, worked hard and thought I was ready for the big event on the day.  However, nothing could have prepared me for the actual experience of pain, sweat, tears and at the end – accomplishment, pride and success. My entrepreneurial journey is so similar to the […]

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How can ‘Strategic Core Values’ help you?

Core values shape organisational attitudes and employee behavior, and in today’s business climate they are essential to achieving a competitive edge. You might think of works like “quality”, “excellence”, or “customer service” when thinking about what core values might be applicable to your business. While these words and attributes are definitely positive additions to your […]

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Inspiring Greatness Podcast

Subscribe by entering your email below! Listen to the journeys of successful Entrepreneurs; their up’s and down’s, “Ah-Ha!” moments, and also their bloopers. Whether you’re an Entrepreneur yourself, or have been dreaming of finally bringing that business idea to life, this podcast gives the inspiration and real-world advice from successful Entrepreneurs around the globe who’ve […]

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XXXX Secret Formula for Higher Growth and an Increased Bottom Line!

Are you or your executive team struggling to set meaningful goals that will result in increased bottom line profits? Perhaps you tend to set goals but never achieve them? Or if you do achieve your goals, was it because you extended your deadline one, two, or three times? Our world is changing quickly and sometimes […]

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The Importance of work-life balance

You say work-life balance is important, but what do you do to achieve it?   I know, I know… You’re Entrepreneur, you’re busy… I get it, trust me, I do. You love what you do and as good as your intentions are, you struggle to achieve work-life balance. Ask yourself, when is the last time you […]

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Steve Jobs had Bill Campbell, Michael Jordan had Dean Smith and Tony Robins, well, Tony has coached millions of people. It’s a fact that high performers (in any field) typically have a Coach or Mentor. A great Coach provides you with the benefit of their own experience and asks more questions than they answer. They […]

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Would you like to fast track your success? Today I’m sharing my story and road to success.  Do not get me wrong, I definitely stumbled along the way BUT I remember my Mentor always saying to me “It’s not how hard you fall, it’s how quickly you get up!” My Entrepreneurial journey of 20 + […]

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Why Retreats give your company a competitive advantage

Retreats away from the office are vital for colleagues and forums. They provide a fresh, new environment away from the demanding day-to-day work environment to work on their business and their relationships. Imagine pulling together a footy team with players from different teams. Expecting them to produce great results without ever practicing together. Now imagine […]

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