XXXX Secret Formula for Higher Growth and an Increased Bottom Line!

  • September 15, 2015
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Are you or your executive team struggling to set meaningful goals that will result in increased bottom line profits? Perhaps you tend to set goals but never achieve them? Or if you do achieve your goals, was it because you extended your deadline one, two, or three times?

Our world is changing quickly and sometimes it’s difficult to keep abreast of everything. Did you know that as of July 2015, the Apple’s App Stores had 1.5 million available apps to download?  With so much new technology to learn, keeping up can be overwhelming and time consuming.   Being nimble and adapting to change are crucial components to a company’s success or failure, especially in regard to maintaining a competitive advantage over your competition in order to remain an industry leader.  That’s why successful Entrepreneurs and CEO’s focus on technology or services that provide customized performance information in a timely manner in order to make decisions quickly.  How awesome would it be to receive customized automatic monthly Key Performance Indicator reports delivered to your handheld device while you are on the go?

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The secret Maxum XXXX Formula to help maximize your company’s growth.

365 = Provide an annual strategy meeting with your executive team – This should be an offsite meeting of one to three days that includes team building and corporate culture activities, as well as  development of your Strategic plan, including key performance indicators.  I recommend having an external facilitator for best results.

Important items to cover

  • Celebrate last years accomplishments – design customized recognition awards for your team that are meaningful to them.
  • Review goals/achievements – what worked and what needs to change? How are you going to create uncontested market space and make the competition irrelevant?
  • Review your vision, values, and set your annual strategic plan for 1, 3 and 5 years ahead.

Setting SMARTA goals is very important

90 = Schedule 1 day quarterly accountability meetings with your executive team.  Have each member formally present their wins or losses regarding their individual department team goals.  Get an understanding of why they did not achieve their target and what is required to achieve success.  Then it’s time to get commitment from managers on the next quarter’s goals and develop a plan to achieve them.

30 = Receive monthly monitoring with automatic customized KPI dashboard reports, highlighting your company’s statistical information. Are you below, above or on target for achieving your goals?  Important information included is PL, Balance Sheet, Cashflow, inventory turnover, and number of clients on a monthly basis.

So here is the most important part…..I realize how busy you are and I know from experience that if these reports are not automatically delivered to you in a convenient, concise meaningful methodology, chances are you will not have your finger on the pulse.  You will be operating your company in the dark; you could be on the verge of cash crunching, losing clients, market share and making critical decisions without having the important information required. We can help provide these state of the art auto reports for your organization

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7= Weekly Huddle with your managers to keep your culture positive, ensure deadlines for the quarterly goals are being met, and brainstorm issues or problems.

  Key components for a successful huddle:

  1. Same time – on time 10 – 15 min.  Pick off the hour time, eg. 11:45am, and keep everyone standing. This will ensure the meeting is concise and has more energy.
  2. Same day – every week consistency is key. Make sure you never miss a meeting, and if you are not able to lead the meeting delegate to someone else.
  3. Same format – short and concise.  Run the meeting based off a 1 page strategic plan or your committed KPI’s, focusing on the why and solutions based on discussions.
  4. Instill a culture based on accountability.

If you would like to find out more about these amazing customized KPI auto reports to ensure you achieve impactful goals that increase profits contact us to arrange a complimentary introduction.

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