Why Retreats give your company a competitive advantage

  • June 01, 2015
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Retreats away from the office are vital for colleagues and forums. They provide a fresh, new environment away from the demanding day-to-day work environment to work on their business and their relationships. Imagine pulling together a footy team with players from different teams. Expecting them to produce great results without ever practicing together. Now imagine telling them they must get better by only playing together during the games. I can assure you they will not be at their peak performance. It seems irrational, right?  Well, that is what commonly happens with leadership teams.  We ask them to perform well together without setting up a game plan, understanding goals or even learning about each other strengths and weaknesses.

So what’s the point of having Corporate Retreats?

The purpose of a Corporate Retreat is for your team to become clear on the organisation’s vision, purpose, strategies and goals. Today’s business world is one of intense change. Your competitive advantage lies in your collective ability to envision your future and bring that future to life. Your competitive advantage lies in your corporate culture and the relationships between the individuals on your team. Retreats inspire big picture thinking and out of the box ideas.


  1. Review of previous year – What worked… What did not!
  2. Re-establishing or creating your company Vision
  3. Creating a 90 day Strategic Plan for your company
  4. Have some FUN with team building and ensure corporate culture is aligned

Forum Retreats for CEO’s in non-competing industries

The Forum Retreat is an annual event for everyone in your Forum, providing a unique opportunity to learn, share, grow and accomplish specific objectives. These retreats have a longer-term view, delving into deeper issues that become an important element towards building depth, and strengthening the overall Forum experience for members.


  1. Create an environment-forge bonds of trust to explore the deep issues with members
  2. Identify any unresolved conflicts or dysfunction within the forum
  3. Inspire transformation change and evoke greater awareness in their lives
  4. Explore difficult business decisions or transitions with in-depth exercises

How can you make your retreat memorable?

How can you make your retreat memorable?How can you make your retreat memorable?

In my experience, the most memorable retreats are when the entire forum is together for 1 – 3 days.  That includes traveling together, a maxi van works well, or perhaps a small private plane, or rent a private yacht.  Best accommodations have been private homes—usually vacation homes of a forum member. It creates a communal living experience that just can’t be replicated at a resort. Usually the forum dines in at least one night, with various small teams responsible for making breakfast and/or dinner and clean-up. The informal interaction builds comradery and promotes story telling /disclosure—and lots of laughs. The conversations are free-flowing and meaningful when everyone is together with no outside interruptions.   I believe forums that travel together and stay together and forge stronger connections.

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