The Importance of work-life balance

You say work-life balance is important, but what do you do to achieve it?  

I know, I know… You’re Entrepreneur, you’re busy… I get it, trust me, I do. You love what you do and as good as your intentions are, you struggle to achieve work-life balance.

Ask yourself, when is the last time you worked 9-5? When have you had free time to spend with your loved ones—not just sitting at home, but spending time together doing meaningful and fulfilling activities? How about getting 8 hours sleep at night, focusing on eating healthy and participating in regular exercise to maintain a well-rounded life?

So, how do you measure up?  Take our FREE Life Assessment.

Being overworked isn’t healthy for anyone. It can lead to a number of health problems, lack of sleep can lead to accidents and the inability to function at your best during the day.

So why not take our 30 day challenge? Start with 3 things below that will provide you with the most benefit.  Then in one months time complete our Life Assessment Tool again to track your improvement.

Many eminent entrepreneurs have shared their secrets for how they manage their super busy lives. Richard Branson says the keys to maintaining balance for him is flexibility, delegating work and prioritising time for fun. He also uses various scheduling tools to fit everything into his day as needed. “I find that technology is a great help”—he wrote on

Tips for Saving Time

8 Technology tips to save you time and keep you organized

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Todo Cloud

Try Todo Cloud premium account for a month free

Todo Cloud syncs your tasks and lists so that you can have the same actionable information on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Android device. It also has a Web interface. Todo also has an option to sync your tasks to Dropbox or iCloud.

It sounds simple, but having a daily to-do list will help you stay on track and prevent procrastination. If you’re really organised, you can even allocate time per task to maximise productivity. With Todo, you can add tasks to your computer’s calendar.

TIP – Prioritize your “Very Important” something you must do first.

Audible Free Trial

Two free audio books are yours sign up here

Get TWO Free Audio books

Self-Investment is important in personal and professional development. Listen to inspiring books while in the car, on a plane or while exercising.


Vocaroo FREE Premium Voice Recording service

Vocaroo FREE Premium Voice Recording service

Allows you to respond to clients with a personal message quickly that can be emailed directly or shared on social media. Very efficient way to get thru large volume of emails quickly with a special message from you!

Tomato Timer

Take periodic breaks – set a timer to remind you.  Here a free one to try

Research shows us that sitting for long periods of time at work is not good for you. So why not set a timer to remind you to take breaks. You could try working for 25 minutes and then taking a 5 minute break. Walking somewhere will get your blood flowing again and will make you feel refreshed ready to complete your next task.

Google Applications

Google Applications

Most Google Apps are free and Business Solutions are great for any size business. You can create, store and edit documents and presentations online accessing them wherever you have an internet connection.

Going Mobile: Tablets and Smartphones

Going Mobile: Tablets and Smartphones

These devices not only make it easy to keep in touch with customers and employees, but also there are a range of apps that can really help drive business forward.
From technology that captures electronic signatures, sending invoices on-the-go, to accepting online payments, the future is definitely in the Cloud.

Video Calls/Conferencing

Video Calls/Conferencing

Rather than spending time and money travelling to client meetings, video conferencing saves both time and money by helping users interact via video calling.



Webinars are great (and usually free) learning tool to help you become an expert on just about anything. Similar to video conferencing, webinars are very time efficient and cost effective. They’re also a great way to inform and connect with your customer (via live webinar sessions). Webinars can also be recorded and accessed at a later date, making it more convenient for your customers.

During stressful times my life coach always reminded me how important it is to have a healthy diet, eight hours of sleep a night and regular exercise.  I made it a ritual and enjoy my early morning run listening to inspirational podcasts or my latest downloaded audio book.  Also, when planning my calendar I ensure to book date night with my husband  and family time with our kids, I click the repeat button for the remainder of the year so its book in advance..

Eliminate low-value activities from your life, use technology to assist you to achieve results faster, and you’ll have more time for what matters most to you.

Start now don’t procrastinate listen while you’re driving to work, on a plane, going for a walk or at the gym!

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