• June 08, 2015
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Would you like to fast track your success?

Today I’m sharing my story and road to success.  Do not get me wrong, I definitely stumbled along the way BUT I remember my Mentor always saying to me “It’s not how hard you fall, it’s how quickly you get up!”

My Entrepreneurial journey of 20 + years as a founder in private and public companies has certainly provided me with many learning lessons. Couple that experience with hundreds of educational events, conferences and leadership courses; I have heard my fair share of expert opinions on the “Secrets to Success”.  Chances are, you have heard a keynote or someone’s podcast offering their advice too.  This is usually an in depth conclusion with a plan that is not adaptable or almost impossible to implement. So, today I am here to share my experiences so that you can hopefully eliminate a few mistakes, stumble a little less often and achieve success quickly.

1st Lesson: A lesson from my father

At an early age he preached to me, “Shelley you have to work hard to succeed in life.”  Unfortunately, my father did not have many words of encouragement or praise.  He suddenly passed away when I was 21—I was devastated that I never heard him say to me “I am proud of you”. However, this experience made me more determined than ever to succeed—my work ethic was robust.  Persistent to overcome obstacles when times were tough, my entrepreneurial habit became working longer hours… well that’s what I interpreted from my father’s words.  After I exhausted myself working endless hours and received unfavourable results I realised my “work harder” needed to be a “work smarter” attitude.  It’s what you do with your time that makes you succeed over your competition!  Don’t get me wrong, you still need to be more determined than your competitors. You still need passion.

2nd Lesson: I can’t do it alone

After ten years as a Entrepreneur with a few successful private businesses, I was ready to take a BIG step—grow by acquisition and become a publicly listed company. That presented many challenges as we headed down an unfamiliar highway. Feeling overwhelmed, I realised that I needed help.  I needed a Mentor. I found someone who was at the next level and had the experience I did not.  I attribute my success to asking questions and I continue to surround myself with the people who have found success themselves, and learn from them.

3rd Lesson: Keep the balance

My father passing away at age 50 made me realise how short life can be.  An average person only has 86,400 days or approx. 700,000 hours in their lifetime. However, the next few years of my career I continued down that highway which seemed to have no end in sight.  Stress and exhaustion crept in and the highway became dark. My life was 90 percent work and I neglected all other areas, especially health and family. I now realise that to be successful means to ensure all the facets of my life are running smoothly.  My health, family, career, significant other, friends, faith, finances and time for FUN!

Don’t waste it living someone else’s life, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.  Sometimes life is going to hit you when you are down.

Greatness comes from overcoming adversity, it comes from learning and implementation. It comes from getting up after you stumble and doing it better. Inspire greatness in yourself.

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