150 – Focus on Success not Busy

  • May 24, 2018
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150 – Focus on Success not Busy

Success is about doing the right things not about doing everything right.

Today is about asking yourself the right question to get extraordinary results in your life.

What if you just had to focus on one thing and everything would fall into place?  Think of a table of dominoes and you only have to knock over the right one and everything succinctly falls one by one by one until they are all down. As you think of your business do you have a very large to-do list every day and as you tick them off the list more are added and it seems overwhelming.  How do we get results that make a big difference?  It comes down to one question!

So, what’s the one question?

What’s the one thing in my job or business that I could do that such by doing it would make everything would be easier or unnecessary?

In today’s episode I am going to highlight how to find your one thing by playing a video On the ONE THING which is a based on the book written by Garry Keller and Jay Papasan video produced by Readyforit.me

We will have the link to the book and you can watch the video on our show notes page at Maxumcorp.com.au

This video you will learn that successful people go small and focus on what they should do.

It’s broken out into four lessons:

Lesson 1:  The Myth of To-do Lists

Lesson 2:  The Myth of Discipline and Willpower

Lesson 3: The Myth of Work Life Balance

Lesson 4: Finding your One Thing

Here’s the video have a listen to this video

iTunes Link CLICK HERE

Stitcher link CLICK HERE

So there you have it….We need to set and prioritize our goals in order to archive your one thing!   I can’t stress enough the importance of priorities and breaking them down in order to stay laser focused!  

I loved that statement - Purpose without priority is powerless!

Last week I was privileged to present at the Entrepreneurs Organization here in Brisbane and Adelaide.  The one-day session was on how to Execute your business strategy.  During the session we set annual priorities aligned with their 3 to 5-year goals.  We then broke the annual plan into quarterly priorities and further into a 13-week sprint. 

Success is actually a short race – a sprint fueled by discipline just long enough for habit to kick in and take over” – Gary W. Keller


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