124 CRAIG HARPER – Keeping Shit Real!

  • November 14, 2017
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124 CRAIG HARPER - Keeping Shit Real!

Today, We discussed the importance of Health & Fitness for Entrepreneurs with Craig Harper. Craig Harper is one of Australia's leading presenters, writers and educators in the areas of health, high-performance and personal transformation. Craig has been an integral part of the Australian health and fitness industry since 1982 and in that time has worked as an exercise scientist, corporate speaker, consultant, University lecturer, AFL conditioning coach, radio host, TV presenter, writer and successful business owner. In 1990 he established Harper's Personal Training, which evolved into one of the most successful businesses of its kind and inhabited the Australian fitness landscape for a quarter of a century.

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In this interview we give you the inside scoop from direct experience so you can avoid the obvious potholes we stepped into.  I’ve coached many of my clients through the process of scaling their businesses for growth and how to avoid common mistakes that I went through it myself.

In this Episode you’ll discover:

  • Craig talk about being called JUMBO as a child motivated him to go to the gym at age 15
  • The importance of maintaining your Health for success in business
  • With only have 1440 minutes each day, Craig gives us his top health tips
  • Craig shares his best advice was when someone asked him the question what do you think it’s like being around you?
  • What is Success?  Access Craig’s video “SUCCESS VIDEO”
  • The struggles of business partnerships going wrong and tips on how to set up partnerships for positive outcomes
  • What inspires Craig is seeing people work hard and achieve great things

QUOTE “ We Don’t See Things as they are, We see them as we are” Anais Nin

Resources and Links Mentioned in this Session Include:

Pull Your Finger Out 

Not surprisingly, Craig’s latest book is a no-nonsense, straight-talking instruction manual for life. It’s filled with funny stories, simple strategies, unique insights, powerful messages and more swearing than his mother would like. Each of the 101 brief chapters is a self-contained lesson, meaning that it doesn’t need to be read front to back. It’s a resource, not a novel. Ironically, this book is written for people who don’t (necessarily) like reading books. It’s an easy read; relaxed, amusing and relevant.

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CONTACT: Craig Harper https://www.craigharper.net/

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