001 – Find your purpose – with Warren Rustand

After listening to Warren's message about living with purpose, I made a commitment to provide a positive impact and inspire personal greatness around the globe. That day was the beginning of my journey for this podcast inspiring greatness.

The common thread that permeates Warren's Rustand's experience is one of vision, strategy, executive leadership, and achievement. He has created, led, and grown many successful private, public, and not for profit entities. He has a passion for family, entrepreneurship, public policy, and community.

Warren was CEO of Providence Service Corporation - a $2.1 Billion social services and healthcare company, Managing Director of SC Capital Partners - an investment banking group. Warren was Chairman and CEO of Rural Metro Corporation, a $600 million, publicly traded emergency services company and on the board for 50 private, public & not for profit organizations.

1974 Warren served as Appointments Secretary and Cabinet Secretary to President Gerald Ford.

Books Recommended:

‘True North: Discover Your Authentic Leadership’ – Bill George, Peter Sims

This book is about being authentic, and speaking with an authentic voice, and speaking truth to power, and being your authentic self all the time, and each one of us finding our True North, or our core beliefs and values, and then living those core beliefs and values

‘Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action’ – Simon Sinek

Start with Why. That's the notion of finding our purpose, and once we find our purpose, we have an opportunity to be infinitely successful.

‘The Sharp Solution: A Brain-Based Approach for Optimal Performance’ – Heidi Hanna

Outstanding way to think about complete integration physically, emotionally, mentally, and physically.



Gandhi says, “the genius of man is not that he can remake the world but that he can remake himself.” It's this notion that every day if we try to get better ... Every day, if we try to make ourselves better, then we're headed in the right direction.

Charles Lindbergh. In 1926 after he flew a single engine plane across the Atlantic Ocean and landed near Paris.

"We live today actually in our dreams of yesterday, and by so living in those dreams, we live to dream again."

Parting Recommendations:

3 great values that will serve us well and make us greater than we can be on our own.

  1. Clarity of vision.
  2. Certainty of intent
  3. Forcefulness of values.

That which embraces all of those is the notion of the values we live by. I think we we'll hold tight to those three, we have the chance to be extraordinary.



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