142 – Communication is Critical Start with a Morning Huddle

  • March 20, 2018
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142 – Communication is Critical Start with a Morning Huddle

Are you sick of walking out of an hour-long meeting thinking, “What was the point?”  Cameron Herold even wrote a book called “Meetings SUCK” I agree meeting do suck if they are not run properly, they have no agenda, they don’t start on time or finish on time and no one is held accountable for action items.  Meetings must be focused with specific agenda to eliminate daily back and forth emails and impromptu questions.  It’s all about how we move faster, pulse faster to be leaders and remain ahead of our competition. At the heart of a team’s performance is a rhythm of well-run daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual meeting.  These meeting bring focus and alignment, provide an opportunity to solve problems more quickly, and ultimately save time.  They also address the #1 challenge people face when they work together…. That is Communications.   

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Onto today episode..

I was training in Melbourne for the Entrepreneurs Organization Accelerators program.  The learning day was based around “PEOPLE” having the right people in the right seats doing the right things.  People is one of the 4 pillars every business leader must get right to scale and grow their business.  The four pillars are based on Vern Harnish Book called Scaling up are and they are:

  1. Attracting & keeping the right People
  2. Creating a truly differentiated Strategy
  3. Driving flawless Execution
  4. CASH and having plenty of it.

During that People day, I ask Rotem Rotenberg from Cobild to be a guest speaker.  Cobild just won the prestigious award of one of The Best Places to Work here in Australia! Rotem delivered an inspiring message on all the great things they have created to make it such a desirable place to work.  Guess what one of the areas was he touched on???   YES… communication, listening and the importance to give your staff a voice.  Rotem talked specifically, about setting annual goals tying them into a rewards program, the importance of weekly meetings and daily huddles as well as the occasional spot fire meeting when required.  

Having more frequent routines makes it easier to attain goals.  Therefore, the daily, weekly, and monthly meetings are critical to business success.  They drive the deliverables outlined in the less frequent meetings, with each meeting building upon the next.   Teams need regular face to face huddles to discuss new opportunities, strategic concerns and bottlenecks or stucks as they arise.    So how often should you be meeting?  The faster you grow, the more chaotic your business environment, the faster your business pulses and the more important it is for you to establish and sustain effective communication within your company and your team. Done properly, the daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual huddles will deliver some extremely valuable tangible benefits to you and your team.

Let’s take a closer look at the 4-communication rhythm’s



Today we will specifically cover the daily huddle followed next week covering weekly, monthly quarterly & annual meetings.

The Daily Huddle is something you can customize for your business have fun with it.  It’s 5 – 15-minute stand-up meeting objective to discuss tactical issues and provide updates. Start the meeting on an odd time for example 9:03 (statistics that people are more likely to be on time.)Daily Huddle


What is covered in the daily huddle?

It’s a snap shot composing of – Good News, What’s up in the next 24 hours? What KPI’s or daily metrics the company is monitoring for example it could be how many website hits, proposals submitted, daily sales, workplace accidents etc. Pick the metrics that is most critical to your business.  Lastly, where are you stuck? This is the most important agenda item.  You want members of the team to bring up constraints and concerns that could prevent them from having a great next 24 hrs. This is not the time to solve the problems its more of a conversation about bottleneck where someone from the team could say call so and so or let’s chat about that off-line I can help. Remember they need to short and to the point and exciting

Who should attend? 

If you are a small business everyone should attend.  When you grow the front line, employees will be in one daily huddle and management will be in two: one with their direct reports and one with their peers and leader.

Who runs the meeting?

This is flexible you can pick someone who is structured and disciplined to keep meeting running on time.  You can alternate each day or week.  The leader should use a countdown stopwatch to make sure that no part of the agenda runs away.

1-800 Got Junks huddle that you are going listen to now. It a great example of how they make it unique, super energised and meaningful!

Hope you enjoyed this episode as much as I did and I’ll be back next week with the next section on 60 Min Weekly Meeting

I would like to end with a Quote from Kate Hudson

“The more we connect the more content and happy we feel”

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