• November 11, 2016
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056 - Corporate Retreats

Today’s episode is about the importance of booking time with your team for an off-site business planning session or corporate retreat!  Regardless if you are a solepeneur a small company or a large company with a formal board of directors, corporate retreats are Vital to the success of your business.

Retreats are invaluable because they provide a fresh, new environment and time for you, your management team or both to work on your business and on relationships – away from the demanding day-to-day work environment.  Imagine pulling together a footy team of assorted players and asking them to produce great results without ever practicing.  Imagine telling them they must get better by only playing together during the games.  I can assure you they will not be a peek performance and it seems irrational right? 

That’s why I am passionate to offer corporate retreat programs through my business Maxum corporation and I want to provide a special offer for my inspiring greatness listeners.

If you book your corporate retreat with me between November 2016 and January 2017 I am offering a $500 discount off a one-day program and a $750 discount off a two day program. This is a fantastic deal where you can secure a one-day retreat for $3000 or a two-day retreat for $4000. All you need to do to get more information on this offer is email admin@maxumcorp.com.au  and mention episode 56 Corporate retreats.

Today’s business world is one of intense change. Your competitive advantage lies in your collective ability to envision a future and bring that future to life.  Your competitive advantage lies in your corporate culture and the relationships between the individuals on your team or on your boards.  Retreats inspire big picture thinking and out of the box ideas. 

Corporate retreats can help your team or board

  • Review of previous year - What worked… What did not!
  • Get clean on your Vision, Mission alignment of Core Values
  • Create Strategic Planning / Risk appetite & strategy
  • Focus on Corporate Culture Alignment and Team Building

Board of Directors or think tank Forum Retreats

These Retreats is an annual event for everyone on your board or could also apply if you belong to a think tank or business Forum.   These retreats a bit different then your Company retreats as they aim to provide a unique opportunity to learn, share, grow and accomplish specific objectives.  These retreats have a longer -term view and delve into deeper issues and become an important element towards building depth and strengthening the overall experience for members.

In my experience, the most memorable retreats are when the entire group is together for the 1 – 3 days.  That includes traveling together, perhaps maxi van, a small private plane, a private yacht or rent a car on a passenger train.  Best accommodations have been private homes – usually vacation homes in a location that is quite for the group to stay focused….. so not a place like Las Vegas!

Private home creates a communal living experience that just can’t be replicated at a resort or hotel restaurant. The retreat group should to dine in at this location at least one night.   With various small teams responsible for making breakfast and/or dinner or providing clean-up, the informal interaction builds comradery and promotes story telling /disclosure – and lots of laughs.  The conversations are free-flowing and meaningful when everyone is together and no outside interruptions.   I believe when the groups travel together and stay together forge stronger connections more trust and better outcomes.

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