Mandi is the Founder and Managing Editor of Babyology, Australia's largest digital media company for parents. With a social media following of almost one million Facebook fans, Babyology knows how to reach their audience of 20-45 year-old women. An entrepreneur who just happens to be a mum-of-three, Mandi launched the business alone in her living room nine years ago and now heads a team of almost 30, all of whom also happen to be mums working remotely from their own homes.

Babyology is now considered the online market leader in native editorial content for Australian parents and has many other areas of reach including events, subscription boxes and video content. Mandi is an expert on juggling work and family life and the pressures faced by working mums, the modern myth of having it all and the fine line that exists between maintaining a professional career and achieving job satisfaction while still finding flexibility to raise a family.

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Where to find Mandi 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mandigunsberger




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