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If you’re a start-up or already growing your business, you recognize the importance and value of tools especially technology tools. The fact is, as entrepreneurs we can’t do it all on our own—no matter how savvy we are. In order to build or grow  your Business you need to invest in tools that can help you optimize, automate, and improve every working part of your business—from sales and marketing, to employees and customers.




Wix - Build beautiful websites.

Now anyone can create a website even with no prior coding or web-development experience. Wix uses a super easy drag and drop platform with HTML5 capabilities. Wix provides hundreds of beautifully designed templates, domain and web hosting all in one package. Wix is perfect for start-ups and small business who need a website solution at a small cost.





If you are looking to set up an online store, then make sure you check out Shopify.  Shopify is user friendly and offers beautifully designed templates that make setting up your website easy.  What I love most about Shopify is that it handles everything from marketing and payments, to secure checkout and shipping.  Shopify will even send follow up emails and prompts to customers who add items into their cart and then abandon the website before purchasing. It these types of inbuilt functionalities that make shopify a worthwhile e-commerce investment


Employment Hero and Inspiring Greatness Offer

Code - Maxhero.

Offer 1 - Sign up with one of Employment Hero’s preferred super funds and get the entire platform for free

Offer 2 - More than 30 employees? Receive premium subscription and standard pricing.

Use the code MAXHERO when filling out the contact us form. You’ll be able to try the platform for free and talk with our dedicated Employment Hero contact in a no-pressure environment.





Accounting Software for today - Log in online anytime, anywhere on your Mac, PC, tablet or phone to get a real-time view of your cashflow. Payroll, invoicing & payments.  Basically everything you need to run your business. 




Blue Host

Bluehost is a leading web solutions and hosting provider extremely compatible  with WordPress and Woo Commerce. WordPress is considered to be the industry standard for quality websites, so it only makes sense to chose a hosting company that it compatible with the best. The combination of WordPress and bluehost will give you a powerful website with great functionality and secure quality hosting.




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