010 – The Price of Greatness – Golden Nugget Friday with Shelley Rogers

  • June 03, 2016
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Welcome to our Golden nugget Friday episode. Today’s topic has emerged from several of the successful entrepreneurs I have interviewed and was talked about in my interview earlier this week with Sarah Riegelhuth   It’s the topic on the importance of morning rituals and how these personal habits can improve not only personal success but your overall success including your business.   It’s a commitment of continuous personal discipline 1st thing in the morning that puts you in a positive mindset and propels entrepreneurs to becoming even more successful.

What I found interesting when I spoke to Sarah about this topic is she talked about balance & the importance of keeping a healthy body with regular exercise, their morning rituals for healthy mindset and also the importance of having fun.

Listen to her response when I asked her: Do you have any personal habits that contribute to her success ?

Golden Nugget Reflection:

As I reflect on the words that Sarah stated regarding her positivity routine broken into 10 min sections of thinking, reading & writing getting ready for a positive day ahead, it brought me back to a conference I attended with the Entrepreneurs Organization in Queenstown New Zealand.  Where a  wise man said the price of Greatness is responsibility and there are four principals of success:

  1. Commit to personal discipline.
  2. Live with purpose everyday.
  3. Act with intent and make conscious choices.
  4. Engage in a cause greater than self.

This wise man is Warren Rustand who I previously interviewed on episode 001.  He also spoke about in importance of Rituals.  I love Warren’s comments successful people Spend the time early in the day to plan & prepare for the day and for their success.  What Warren did not share in his audio that I would like to add here is he has 100 of journals with positive comments, reasons why he is grateful and beautiful stories to share with his children and grandchildren.  He said to me, I don’t write about any of the negative things because they (his Children) will have their own negative things to deal with.  I only write about positive things.

Lessons Learned:

It is my personal experience that a balanced life style which includes health, fitness proper sleep and positive morning rituals makes a huge difference in my outlook for the day.  I am a believer in the 10-10-10 min thinking 10 min reading & 10 min writing however i need to be a bit more disciplined in my writing.  I tend to visualize more than journal.  I include fitness with a morning walk with my husband at 5:45 followed by healthy protein shake, personal training session at the gym 3 days a week.

These are a few of my rituals and I encourage you to start your day in a positive way, replace the negative news with positive learning.

Enjoy life to the fullest, as so many people have stated when asked if they have any regrets in life. No one said they regret not going to work more.



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