005 How Resilience & Perseverance paid off – with Tina Tower

  • May 16, 2016
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Tina Tower, founder and CEO of Begin Bright is a business woman, an author, a speaker and a mum. Starting on her own her business at the age of 20, since then, Tina has built and sold two companies, and created a franchise business with a chain of 33 early learning centres which get children ready for school. Tina tells her story about how resilience & perseverance paid off and believing you can do it is a key difference between entrepreneurs who succeed and those who fail.

Books Recommended:

Elizabeth Guilbert – 

The 4-Hours Workweek - Timothy Ferriss


Free Resources:

Mailchimp - For email marketing rookies, experts, and everyone in between          

Google SITES - Google Sites makes creating and sharing a group website easy


“A lot of the time, the people that become successful is not that they have any secrets or any magical powers that other people don’t have, it’s just that they believed that they could and they hanged on until they did.”

“If it’s to be, it’s up to me”

"Take responsibility for your own actions, you were the one that decided to go into business.”

Parting Recommendations:

Don’t look at the big picture too much, at the beginning. The big picture can be really overwhelming when all you are trying to do is start to make sales. So focus on those tiny little things, those tiny little steps then as you start progressing and seeing results with that then expend the horizons to the big all over vision so that you know where you are heading but focusing on the day to day and just getting in there and getting it done is my best advice for the first few years.”


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